In 2018, the U.S. Navy hopes to take a major step toward fielding a cyber-attack system on a tactically survivable, fighter-size aircraft.

Although researchers are cautious about discussing their cyberwarfare and electronic attack projects, one company states that it is “developing a weapon system that can deliver cyber-effects through free space into an aperture.”

That opaque explanation refers to a cyber-weapon, sized for a tactical aircraft or UAV, that can create a long-range data stream — most likely from an active, electronically scanned array (AESA) emitter. The emitter will function both as radar and the source of these uniquely tailored data streams that could be used for electronic attack and cyber-invasion.

The data beams would be packed with specialized waveforms and algorithms that work like keys to open networks. They would be manufactured by an exciter or techniques generator that functions as part of the radar. The beam is fired into an antenna that electronic surveillance indicates is attached to the target network. It could connect an air defense system, a command-and-control center or a flight of aircraft.

via US Navy Wants to Field Cyber-Attack System.