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New discovery may end transplant rejection

Big news in the medical world: scientists in Australia have found a way to stop the body from attacking organ transplants, greatly decreasing the possibility of organ rejection.

The last major hurdle of transplantations is the body itself. When a new tissue is introduced, one’s immune system kicks into overdrive, sending out cells known as killer T cells to attack and destroy the unknown tissue. Because of this, those who receive transplants have to maintain a regime of toxic immune-suppressing drugs.

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Star Trek’s Warp Drive: Not Impossible

The warp drive, one of Star Trek’s hallmark inventions, could someday become science instead of science fiction. Some physicists say the faster-than-light travel technology may one day enable humans to jet between stars for weekend getaways. Clearly it won’t be an easy task. The science is complex, but not strictly impossible, according to some researchers studying how to make it happen. The trick seems to be to find some other means of propulsion besides rockets, which would never be able to accelerate a ship to velocities faster than that of light, the fundamental speed limit set by Einstein’s General Relativity.

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The Recent Future / May 14, 2009 / SciFi / 0 Comments